Get To Know The Costs To Start A Paintball Course Business

Paintball courses have become a popular leisure activity and business idea among different generations. Different business people that have these types of businesses are associated with high profit margins due to a relatively low operating cost and many revenue options available. There is a wide range of startup investment costs depending on the scope of your paintball course business, but there are also affordable options available. You can click this link for more great tips!

Costs Of Building The Field

When beginning to build the paintball course , the costs associated to this phase can be your lowest or they could be your highest. When doing so, you are at least required to have a medium-sized field to be able to run the business. This would require you to settle land leases and providing a small-sized trailer and structure where you can do the office work and store the equipment. If you build an indoor arena, it would have higher rent and building costs. When you have leased out a land, the primary building cost you have are the setting up of the obstacles around the paintball course. You personally determine what type of obstacles will your customers go through in the paintball course. The pre-made packages are costing around $14,000. Some self-made obstacles that you constructed yourself can cost less than actually asking somebody else to supply you with some.

Costs Of The Equipment

Most people do not have personal paintball playing equipment which make them necessary to rent these out from the company. Guns, paintballs, cartridges and protective gears are some of the equipment that they will need to have. The total calculated cost of investing for the paintball course equipment depend on the quality of the supplies, but specialists have estimated it at around $100 per person. If you do wholesale shopping, these equipment will save you a lot of company, compared to buying them individual. On the other hand, you can prefer buying the more expensive brands that manufacture items that are more durable, in which case you can save more money in the long term. Be sure to complete the equipment enough for at least two teams. For injuries and for administrative concerns, you will also need to allot some budget for first aid medical kits and basic office supplies for management purposes.

Hiring Employees, Taxation And Insurance Costs

Depending on your paintball course business model, employees may be hired outside your immediate contacts. To avoid problems with taxes and worrying about withholding taxes from payrolls, it will be better to hire these employees as independent contractors. You will have to allot some $8 for each employee per hour, as per legal conditions. Please view this site for further details.